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Launching a practice? Don’t forget these 3 tasks


Are you thinking about starting your own practice? Or have you already taken the plunge and opened your first office? Whether you’re a newbie or think you have it figured out, here are a few tasks you may not have thought about:

1. Check your local laws

This is especially true if you are moving from out of state. Your county and municipal governments may have regulations in place related to opening a dental practice that differ from the state and federal government. You always have to abide by the one that is the narrowest interpretation.

Questions to consider asking your local authorities:

  • Is there a municipal or county occupancy permit?
  • What about a building or remodeling permit?
  • Are there any additional Americans with Disabilities regulations with which you’ll need to comply?
  • What are the codes regarding the plumbing for your new office?
  • How about any preopening inspection rules or regulations?

Tip: Contact your state dental society before you pick a location and apply for building permits. They may be able to provide helpful information.