In addition to providing traditional veterinary health care services, some veterinarian practices offer expanded services that require an onsite surgery center and/or boarding facilities for their patients. These additional services may be subject to certain State and local regulatory or zoning requirements, and should, therefore, be taken into account when considering the best location for the practice.

Whether your lease is coming up for renewal, you’ve outgrown your current space, or you’re ready to start your practice, Syncore knows the special needs of veterinary practice space and can help you find the space you need to grow your practice and increase profitability.

What types of animals do you care for?

When we approach a landlord about a potential veterinarian tenant, knowing the types of animals you’re caring for needs to be articulated to the landlord. Landlords typically ask:

  • Are you going to be boarding dogs?
  • Are you doing an extended stay?
  • Are you doing grooming?

Many landlords don’t want boarding or extended stay because it causes too much noise for the neighboring tenants. Even if you offer grooming services, those dogs may be there for several hours and need to be walked during the day: most retail centers don’t have a place to walk dogs.

What type of products do you sell?

Retail is an important component of most veterinary businesses. We need to know what type of products you sell to determine the exclusivity we can get; if another tenant has the same exclusivity clause, then the space will not be acceptable.

Because of these challenges, many vets decide to buy a building where they don’t have to be concerned about neighboring tenants and exclusivity.

Demographics, location and business factors to consider:

We analyze numerous location factors, demographic data and your 10-year business plan to identify office space that meets your needs today and allows for future growth, including:


  • Visibility
  • Accessibility
  • Signage
  • Co-tenancy
  • Exclusivity
  • Number of treatment rooms
  • Budget
  • Competition
  • Size of practice


  • Median age
  • Number of people in household
  • Population diversity
  • $$ population spends on medical
  • Income

Syncore Medical Realty represents veterinarians in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas and Houston, Texas. Before you begin a search for your new or next veterinary office space, put the Syncore Medical Realty expertise to work for you!