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Business tips to build a successful private medical practice

Written by: Syarafina Radzi at MIMS Today— Opening up a private medical practice is a lengthy, detailed process that will require the utmost attention and care every step of the way. In order to build a truly successful private medical practice, there are many important business-related tips that can be taken from business experts. For…

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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Starting A Medical Practice

Written by: Teresa Iafolla at eVisic— So you’re launching your own practice—and probably feeling a little intimidated, right? As you’re getting started, you’re likely to run into some key decisions that could impact your eventual success. How do you avoid those common mistakes that could work against your medical practice? We’ve gathered together a list of frequent…

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What It Takes To Run A Dental Office

Written by:— Have you ever wondered what it takes to run a dental practice? Or are you considering a career in dentistry and would like to know what you should expect when starting out? We hope that this post will clarify precisely what goes into running a successful dental practice. It is an understatement to say…

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10 Common mistakes when opening a dental practice

Written by: Simon Hocken— Don’t be in a rush to open a dental practice, it is far too easy to get it wrong. Over the last 15 years I’ve had a trickle of calls and voicemails every month coming from folk who say they want to open a new practice. Recently the trickle has become…

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Setting up shop: Building a practice from the ground up

Written by: Marjorie A. Satinsky, MBA— Setting up a new medical practice is challenging, whether you are just completing your training or are at a later stage in your career. Before deciding to establish your own practice, make sure you understand the variety of activities that are involved, the most critical steps in the process,…

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8 Mistakes New Practice Owners Make

Written by: Parkhurst & Associates CPA PC on March 30, 2019–  The process of starting a practice is truly exciting. It’s full of amazing opportunities – and many potential pitfalls. For practice owners just starting out, or those who still in their first years of practice ownership, there can be a steep learning curve. Here…

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How to Open a Private Medical Practice, Step by Step

Written by: Adam C. Uzialko on January 10, 2019– Opening your own medical practice is an exciting way to take the practice of medicine into your own hands. Unfortunately, it is also complicated and challenging. To ensure success, it’s critical to have a clear and detailed plan at the outset that can help keep things…

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Starting a Dental Practice: 10 Tips For Success

Written by: Bank of America — Let’s begin by saying that, as a dentist, you’ve chosen an amazing line of work with proven high success rates. With every chapter, every experience and every challenge you encounter in your career, there is opportunity. Hopefully you will take from this article insights about growth, learning and avoiding…

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