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How Important is it to Have Your Dental Practice on Page 1 of Google?

Written by: Dan Brown on July 10th, 2019 — When it comes to marketing your practice, how important is it to be “first” on Google? Is it much better than second? Or third? For that matter, what is the normal process or behavior patter when someone searches for a dentist online? And how can you…

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Austin nears 1 million residents, suburbs keep booming in latest Census data

Written by: Daniel Salazar — Austin is nearing a milestone that only 10 other American cities can claim — a million residents in the city limits. Austin added 12,504 residents between July 1, 2017, and July 1, 2018, according to new population estimates released by the U.S. Census Bureau on May 23. That was the sixth-largest numeric…

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How to Open a Private Medical Practice, Step by Step

Written by: Adam C. Uzialko — Opening your own medical practice is an exciting way to take the practice of medicine into your own hands. Unfortunately, it is also complicated and challenging. To ensure success, it’s critical to have a clear and detailed plan at the outset that can help keep things moving on schedule.…

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How to Know if you Should Expand your Dental Practice

Written by: Sabri Blumberg — I often see questions regarding when a good time to expand or move is. It’s a good idea to weigh this thoroughly before you decide. I’ve seen quite a few doctors choose the “move” option at the wrong time or for the wrong reasons only to regret it later. The…

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The TDA Meeting is the premiere event for dental professionals in Texas. This annual event offers an unparalleled opportunity for Texas dentists and staff to hone professional skills, discover information on cutting-edge topics, and network with peers. The TDA Meeting is open to Dentists, Dental Residents, Dental Students, Dental Hygienists, Dental Assistants, Dental Office Staff,…

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Opening a Veterinary Clinic

By: MARY HOPE KRAMER — While many veterinarians choose to work as associates within an established practice, some do decide to venture out on their own and build a new practice from the ground up. Starting any business can be a difficult task, but with careful planning, the process can run quite smoothly. Here are some tips…

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Why private practice should be on your radar

Written by: Members of the AMA Physician Communications team— Diagnosing, treating and managing your patients’ conditions requires, among other things, the capacity for independent judgment and effective collaboration with your clinical colleagues. The private practice setting—that is, a practice wholly-owned by physicians rather than by a hospital, health system or other entity—also rewards those traits and…

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