Mitigating Risk

Mitigating risk as the pandemic persists

Written by: Robin Ntoh with Physicians Practice on December 15, 2020– Tactics to consider as you contemplate emerging risks and refine your COVID-19 response. As COVID-19 cases rise around the United States, the welcomed uptick in appointment volume that many physician practices experienced in August and September is in danger of evaporating. At this point, all we know for…

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Physician Burn Out

Overcoming physician burnout in the midst of a global pandemic

Written by: Lisa Grabl with Physicians Practice on December 14, 2020– Addressing burnout is crucial to your long-term happiness and success as a physician. Physician burnout was a problem before COVID-19 appeared, and the pandemic has only increased the levels of burnout among all of our healthcare providers. During a recent webinar with, Dike Drummond, The Happy MD,…

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