How to Start a Dental Practice Right After Graduation

By: Lee from SDN — Buying or building a practice right out of dental school can be overwhelming and risky. Deciding to take out a loan is a big deal. You could spend your whole career invested in this decision, so you should be as informed as possible before taking that daring leap. What should…

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Reception (1)

How hiring the wrong people is damaging your dental practice

By: Sally McKenzie  —   The office manager who has kept your practice running smoothly for the last four years just gave you her two-week notice, and the news has sent you into a panic.   You dread the hiring process, but know you’re going to have to find someone to replace her as quickly as possible. Otherwise, some of…

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Dental Patient

4 strategies for attracting new dental patients and keeping the patients you’ve got

By: Christine Alfano — Most dental practice owners are on the lookout for ways to keep their waiting rooms busy, their treatment chairs full, and their office phones ringing from new patients, as well as continue top-notch treatment for their existing patients. While dentists want to build their patient populations, they need to beware of gimmicks and…

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cost saving

5 Cost-saving tips when starting a medical practice

By: MedicalDirector.com —  Starting your own medical practice can be exciting, but for a practice to have healthy cash flow, and to scale and grow, you need to identify and plan for all your start-up costs – so you can avoid as many surprises as possible. In MedicalDirector’s latest ebook, ‘The Smart Guide to Starting a Medical…

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