Most expensive rental spot is this Austin

Texas’ most expensive rental spot is this Austin zip code, report says

By: Amanda O’Donnell —  Are you renting in the most expensive zip code in Texas? If you’re living in Austin’s 78701, the honor is all yours,  a new list by real estate site Rent Cafe reports. The 78701 zip code is located primarily in downtown Austin, and, according to Rent Cafe, has an average rent of $2,658. The second-highest…

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Clipboard and check marks

Launching a practice? Don’t forget these 3 tasks

By: American Dental Association —   Are you thinking about starting your own practice? Or have you already taken the plunge and opened your first office? Whether you’re a newbie or think you have it figured out, here are a few tasks you may not have thought about: 1. Check your local laws This is especially true…

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