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Written By: Affordable Image —   In today’s climate, the first place everyone turns for information is Google. If you search for the best ways to market your startup dental practice you will get countless pages of articles all written by experts in their respective fields. The amount of valuable information is overwhelming. One website alone has…

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The Doctor is in: Healthcare is the New Retail

By: INDUSTRY INSIGHTS ( — There was a time not long ago when you could spend a leisurely afternoon at Park Avenue and 57th Street browsing for books at the local Borders Books outlet. If you go to that location now, you’re probably there for health-related reasons. With the transition to e-commerce, it’s little surprise that Borders,…

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The Journey to a Successful Practice

By: James G Chelnis, MD — For most ophthalmologists, our training often skips over the tools we need to start a practice. This panel was designed to educate budding ophthalmologists on what it takes to start a business, build a practice, and evolve into a successful ophthalmologist. Drs. Ho Sun Choi, Sean Paul and Sandy Feldman have…

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