Top Healthcare Marketing Tips for 2022

Written by: Michael Reddy, President of Digital Authority Partners— Healthcare marketing is tricky. But if it was easy, then everybody would be doing it. Whatever your product or service might be — if you’re in the healthcare industry and looking for healthcare marketing tips, you’re in luck. First, a quick recap: Healthcare marketing refers to the marketing strategies…

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Four Tips for Preparing Your Medical Office for Holiday Hours

Written by: NORM-National Organization of Rheumatology Management It is official; the holidays are upon us. As they quickly approach, it’s crucial that we are prepared. While many people gather their favorite recipes and organize gift lists, medical offices are preparing for holiday hours and the changes that come with them. For medical practices, it is essential that…

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Creating a Medical Practice Holiday Policy: What to Include

Written by: Carol Stryker for Physicians Practice on December 18, 2013– Don’t let lack of forethought regarding holidays harm morale at your medical practice. Here’s how to create a smart holiday policy. The holiday season in a physician’s office can be fraught with frustration and hurt feelings. Most can be avoided by thinking ahead and…

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5 steps to start your own independent practice

Written by: Susanne Madden, MBA with Physicians Practice on June 5, 2019– Advice for how to go solo – and be successful. Physicians decide to strike out on their own for a multitude of reasons. Some find a desire to do it their own way after years of working as an employed physician in another…

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Three Keys to a Practice Comeback

Written by: Roger P. Levin, DDS with DentistryiQ on November 10, 2011– Systems for customer service, scheduling, and case presentation are key to jump-starting growth in your dental practice, says Dr. Roger P.  Levin. At a recent business conference sponsored by the Harvard Business School, I heard several speakers emphasize the same point … successful…

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Mitigating Risk

Mitigating risk as the pandemic persists

Written by: Robin Ntoh with Physicians Practice on December 15, 2020– Tactics to consider as you contemplate emerging risks and refine your COVID-19 response. As COVID-19 cases rise around the United States, the welcomed uptick in appointment volume that many physician practices experienced in August and September is in danger of evaporating. At this point, all we know for…

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Covid Dental Med

How 4 practices are creatively mitigating COVID-19 risk and gaining patients in the process

Written by: Justin Bosco with Dentistry iQ on October 26, 2020– Since the novel coronavirus pandemic began earlier this year, dental practices have had to quickly adapt to new infection control policies and new expectations from patients. While most dentists and patients alike are adjusting to the “next normal,” some practices have also found innovative and creative ways to…

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COVID Protection

How to Stay Safe When You Return to Practice

Written by: Denise M. Claiborne, PhD, RDH and Muge Akpinar-Elci, MD, MPH with Dimensions of Dental Hygiene on 4/2/2020– The COVID-19 emerging global crisis will reshape the dental environment and how oral health professionals prepare for patient treatment. Occupational safety and health must be at the forefront of dental facilities during all forms of patient care. Because COVID-19…

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Patient Engagement: Making an Emotional Connection

Written by: Bob Levoy with Physicians Practice— Establishing an emotional connection with patients will differentiate your practice in ways that will be profoundly meaningful and appreciated by your patients. Patient satisfaction doesn’t guarantee patient loyalty. On the contrary, satisfied patients frequently change doctors because of insurance coverage, convenience, and long wait times among numerous other…

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Written by: Steve Vargo with IDOC— The longer I study what makes some doctors more influential with patients than others, the more I appreciate the ability of some to build strong connections with the patients they serve. In a fast-paced healthcare environment where some doctors and their staff are seeing patients at a rapid pace,…

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