6 Oversights to Avoid with Practice Startups

6 Oversights To Avoid With Practice Startups

By: Keith W. Gruebele — Even the most organized and motivated dentists can make simple missteps to complicate opening a new practice, with all the different factors it can sometimes be easy to make an oversight. Opening your own dental office is no simple task. Coordinating with different parties and managing the moving parts can…

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6 Steps to Starting a Dental Practice

By: Keith W. Gruebele— Buying a dental practice can seem overwhelming at first, but the rewards of being your own boss and running your own office can make the initial work well worth it. First, understand some basic steps to getting started. If you’re considering striking out on your own and starting a dental practice,…

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How to plan for success when opening a new practice

By: Lisa Philp— Success doesn’t happen by accident. Building a new dental practice, which is really starting a new business, is one of the biggest professional steps a dentist will ever take in his or her career. Unfortunately, many dentists open a new practice without clearly understanding the multiple roles they must fill for that…

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