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Before I moved to Texas to purchase an existing orthodontic practice, I had some questions regarding average rent costs in the area and other questions I knew a broker could answer. I was connected with Sean Regan at Syncore Medical Realty. At that time, my business negotiations were almost completed and Sean knew he would not be compensated for his time. However, Sean still spent hours with me both on the phone and on e-mails back and forth to help me understand the process of lease negotiations. I really appreciated this and kept him in mind for the future. Unfortunately, my business negotiations failed shortly thereafter and I decided to open up my own practice from scratch. I immediately called Sean and we have since spent countless hours trying to find the perfect location (and perfect deal) for my future practice. At this point, the lease negotiations are completed and I couldn't be happier about having Sean's support on my side. He is caring, selfless, extremely knowledgeable, and goes above and beyond to make things happen. He made the process as smooth for me as possible and after our experiences together, I consider him a friend. I highly recommend Sean Regan and Syncore Medical Realty for any of your real estate needs.

— Dr. Ryan Pendleton
Dr. Ryan Pendleton

Dr. Ryan Pendleton



Dr. Ryan Pendleton is turning his childhood dream into a reality: opening a state-of-the-art office to provide high-quality orthodontics at a reasonable price. He wants to bring back the idea of "Mom-&-Pop" in a world where corporations are taking over and changing the narrative of the personal experience. He loves his job, he enjoys spending time with people, and he is excited to bring his skills to the city of Leander which he now calls home.

Dr. Pendleton has over 10 years experience in private practice in a variety of settings. He has had the opportunity to work with several orthodontists with different styles to develop a wide array of orthodontic skills for any situation. 

Dr. Ryan Pendleton has been an Invisalign® provider since before he graduated. He has been able to work on many adults during his career, along with teens that are interested in Invisalign®. For 8.5 years, he was fortunate to work at a “Super-Elite” Invisalign® office. Dr. Pendleton has completed over 1000 cases and will be able to create the most unbelievable smile you can imagine without braces.

With his extensive clinical experience, he will do everything he can to prevent any orthodontic emergencies. However, sometimes issues can happen (wires poking, broken brackets, etc.). Because he lives locally in Leander, he will be (almost) always available to take care of his patients if and when they need it after hours, including on weekends.

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