I can't thank Sean enough for helping me throughout my journey of starting my very first dental practice. What set Sean apart was his vast knowledge not only in the dental industry but the real estate market trends and demographics. Throughout this process, I got to know him well, so much that he went from being a broker to someone I can truly call a good friend. After carefully listening to my wants and needs, Sean helped me not only obtain but also understand and utilize demographics report to find the location that fits my practice model. He then guided me through the lease negotiation process. At first, I was wanting to bring in a lease negotiator as it was highly recommended on Dental Town. I hired a famous DT negotiator to “close the deal”. This is when Sean’s true professionalism came to light. He patiently abided by my wishes and tried working alongside this negotiator who was telling me that brokers do not work for you as they work off commission and who refused to involve Sean in the process. Thinking I hired someone who will have my best interest in mind, I trusted this negotiator that came highly recommended on dental town, only to realize later on in the process that he only cared about his commission and almost cost me my location. Sean helped me “pick up the pieces” and move on through this process and actually ended up getting me a way better deal than the lease negotiator ever could. I realized then that Sean knows his markets, he understands how lease negotiating process works and he educated me on what options I have. Austin is a really tough market and I almost lost the perfect spot because I trusted someone who is not even in my city would know better than Sean who does this day in and out. I am glad that I went through that process as I now can say with 100 % confidence that Sean will have your best interest at heart as he truly cares about your success and he takes pride in his work. To him, this is not work but a passion and it shows! Thank you, Sean!.

— Dr. Sonja Babic

Sonja Babic

Dr. Sonja Babic

General Dentist


At ComfyDent Smiles they do dentistry differently! Your comfort is their number one goal!

While they take care of your oral health, they want you to just relax and enjoy. They don't want you to feel that you are at a dental office, but instead imagine you are flying first class on your way to your favorite vacation spot! ComfyDent's comfortable dental chairs are made of the softest plush material and have back massagers built in. Each room offers different scenery in 3D that can transport you to a beach, snow slopes or maybe a rain forest! The ceiling and wall mounted televisions and headphones plug right into the chair so you can enjoy a wide variety of entertainment options - from movies, music, documentaries to anything you wish to watch. They can even wrap you up in a warm blanket if you wish to take a nap! Why not? If you are having slight dental anxiety and need an additional "umpf " to help you relax, just order from our complimentary nitros oxide bar!

ComfyDent loves to pamper you so just let them know what can make your experience more comfy - As this is the only way they want to do dentistry! Comfortably!

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