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Sean Regan helped me through every step of my purchase. I went through the SBA for the loan and there were many steps outside the normal process. Applying his knowledge and experience from other medical office purchases meant I didn't have to explain all the ins and outs as I might have with another commercial agent. I found Sean to be professional and responsive. The office staff I interacted with were equally professional and helpful. I recommend Sean Regan and Syncore to anyone looking for medical properties.

— Dr. Abigail McNeely


Dr. Abigail McNeely



At Wellspring Behavioral Health, they believe that all people deserve the best life possible. It is their mission to help individuals mobilize all resources and start living fully. Whether you are suffering with emotional problems like depression or anxiety, or you’re dealing with a chronic illness that’s begun to limit your life, or you simply have goals you need help meeting, they can help you find your way forward.

The predominant perspective at Wellspring Behavioral Health is holistic, which regards people and communities as wholes, not just parts pieced together. That means that one’s physical, psychological, spiritual, behavioral and other “selves” are all intertwined, acting together and impacting one another. Similarly, each person lives in a family/workplace/community which influence and are influenced by that person. In concrete terms this means that any difficulty that may bring you to see a psychologist is seen from a broad perspective opening a wealth of insight and ability to respond.

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