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I heard about Sean a long time ago and it was suggested I contact him when I wanted to relocate my practice. Prior to beginning the process or formally talking with him, I was able to call and ask him questions about the process and his experience as an equipment specialist helped wrap so many questions into choosing my space and budgeting. Once I had a better idea of my desires and timeline, we started closing in on spaces and areas. For a period of time, I changed my mind and started working with another practitioner to build my own space and stepped away from looking with Sean. We weren't able to secure land, so I went back into the process of looking for lease space and Sean jumped right in to help me without hesitation. He has been an excellent communicator and advocate for me. We had many burdens, including a mid-process attorney change and delayed responses from the landlord's agents. All along, Sean was making calls and communicating with me frequently. I am not someone who handles suspense well and Sean picked right up on that and kept me informed. I know he went above and beyond and imagine he does that for all of his clients. I highly recommend Sean Regan for anyone looking for dental real estate.

— Dr. Dae Yoon
Dr. Dae Yoon

Dr. Dae Yoon

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At Clearview Dental, the staff and Dr. Yoon, a premier dentist in Round Rock, are focused on providing you affordable, high-quality dentistry in a comfortable environment. Dr. Yoon is focused on bringing results and will always explore every option, without pressure or adding on unnecessary services. Regardless of your circumstances, they will work with you to get the dental care you need. They cater to any schedule with their office hours, which includes Saturdays!

Clearview Dental promises to uphold patient comfort and ease, while providing dental care with the highest quality and ethical standards. Their goal at Clearview Dental is to make sure that you receive transparent treatment based on your dental concerns and desires. Whether the issue is dental anxiety, tooth pain, missing teeth, financial concerns or improving your smile with cosmetic dentistry, Clearview Dental is here to discuss and provide options to help you make the decision that is right for you.  

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